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Behold, the crew of the US Amphitrite, the first individuals sent on a manned trip to Neptune. However, this esteemed crew has been chosen for this voyage due to a reason besides qualifications.


Adam Hirsh as Steven Williamson
Cat Van Buren as Rebecca Everett
Kevin Reidy as Thomas Ramone
Melanie Watanabe as Carla Deet
Steven DiSalvo as Biff Bistro and Jun Franklin
Steve Chelmsford as Inter-Co Boss
Additional Voices by Paul DiSalvo


Sound Credits:

Flamingosis - Not Like the Others
Flamingosis - Return of The Love Jones
Flamingosis - Make Me Late For Breakfast
Flamingosis - You Were Meant for Me
Flamingosis - Guilty Pleasure
Flamingosis - Another Time
zapsplat.com - additional sounds
Mike Koenig - Additional Sounds


Content Notes:
This episode contains the following:
Explicit Language
Sexual Themes

Drug Use


How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.