This Sunday night: Former WWMMAGA Champion Brett "The Big Boy" Baker takes on Rodrigo "Spicy Mustard" Johnson in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere, "Gladiatorial Annihilation Match!" Seeing that both of these fighters' expiration dates are set to occur on the day of their fight, this will truly be a fight like no other!



Shanna Shotwell as the narrator

Joe Marcotte as Brett Butcher

David Perez as Adam Short

Aaron Cooper as Rodrigo Johnson

Steven Disalvo as Biff Bistro

Joe Rossano as Doug Kennedy, WWMMAGA Booker


Sound Credits:

Flamingosis - Not Like the Others

Flamingosis - Return of the Love Jones

Flamingosis - Brunch at the Bodega

Flamingosis - Jet Skis & Hennessy

Flamingosis - Another Time

Zapsplat.com - Additional Sounds


Content Notes:

This episode contains the following:

Excessive Violence

Explicit Language


How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.