Behold Gabe McCoy. A young vigilante who shall be attempting to be a force for justice on the jolliest of holidays: Biffmas Eve.


Shanna Shotwell as the Narrator
Will Marcotte as Gabe McCoy
Noah Psilopoulos as Marty
Paul DiSalvo as Gabe’s Monologue, Vince, and Additional Voices
Adam Hirsch as Ambiguous Officer
Ryan Belanger as Aggressive Driver and additional voices
Cat Van Buren - Additional Voices
Melanie Watanabe - Additional Voices
Joe Marcotte - Additional Voices


Sound Credits:
Flamingosis - Not Like the Others
Flamingosis - Want Me (Need Me)
Flamingosis - Flight of the Flamingo
Flamingosis - Long Distance
Flamingosis - Flute Salad
Flamingosis - Never Felt a Feeling Like This.
Steven DiSalvo - O Tannenbaum
Zapsplat.com - Additional Sounds
Mike Koenig - Additional Sounds


Content Notes:
This episode contains the following:
Explicit Language

How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.