Behold Bertram Fitzgerald. A man with no apparent expiration date whose fate is not what it seems.


Written and Produced by Paul DiSalvo



Shanna Shotwell as the Narrator

Lucas Grondin as Bertram Fitzgerald

Steven DiSalvo as Biff Bistro

Hairdresser and additional voices by Cat Van Buren

Additional voices by Paul DiSalvo


Sound Credits:

Flamingosis - Not Like The Others

Flamingosis - Two Steppin’ into Fantasy

Flamingosis - That’s Cold

Flamingosis - Ohhh Baby

Flamingosis - A Mile High

Flamingosis - A Groovy Thing

Flamingosis - Airplane mode

Additional Sounds - Zapsplat.com


Content Notes:
This series includes an excessive amount of death and violence.

How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.