The first episode of How Ya Dyin'? has arrived!


In the world driven by human expiration dates, the dateless James Hunt works a respectable blue-collar job at "Happy Endings: Death Dealing Specialists."


Voice Cast:
Shanna Shotwell as The Narrator
Steven DiSalvo as Biff Bistro
Jared Carlson as James Hunt
Dee Parenteau as Stella Clemont
Joe Rossano as Mr. Clemont
Noah Psilopoulos as Marty
Paul DiSalvo as Vince
Additional Voices by Cat Van Buren, Melanie Watanabe, Ben Grossman, and Joe Marcotte


Music and Sound:
Flamingosis - Not Like the Others
Flamingosis - Two Steppin’ Into Fantasy
Flamingosis - Feelings of sentimentality due to getting curved
Flamingosis - Casanova
Flamingosis And Sunset Park
Daniel Simon - Additional Sounds
Mike Koenig - Additional Sounds
Alexander Tram - Additional Sounds
Mike DiAngelo - Additional Sounds

zapsplat.com - Additional Sounds


Content Notes:
This episode contains the following:

Explicit Language
Assisted Suicide
Mass Deaths
Falling from Heights


How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.