Part Two of How' Ya Dyin'?'s Season One Finale is here! Voice actress, Sydney Memoro contemplates the ramifications of what she has learned and how this knowledge can be applied.


Written and Produced by Paul DiSalvo


Sam Svensson as the Narrator

Shanna Shotwell As Sydney Memoro

Paul DiSalvo as Jaime Rondina

Noah Psilopolous as Marty

Joe Rossano as WWMMAGA Promotor

Steven DiSalvo as Bryce Taverna and Biff Bistro

Additional Voices by Joe Marcotte and Paul DiSalvo

Sound Credits:

Flamingosis - Not Like The Others

Flamingosis - Two Steppin' Into Fantasy

Flamingosis - Feelings of Sentimentality Due To Getting Curved

Flamingosis - Get Yourself Together

Zapsplat.com - Additional Sounds

Content Notes:

This episode contains the following:

Excessive Violence

Explicit Language


How Ya Dyin'? is intended for a mature audience. Viewer discretion advised.